Considering Egg Donation? Here Are Five Reasons You Definitely Should Be

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Our egg donors are full of heart and provide a gift that is essential in the surrogacy process. What you provide is something so necessary that none of this could happen without you. Here are five reasons to consider donating your eggs with Growing Generations.

1. You get to give life. Plain and simple, you get to create a life and change the lives of those you help. In many cases, without your gift, this option would not be available to them.

2. It honors a memory. Time and time again we hear from our donors that the choice to donate eggs was arrived at after watching a close friend or family member struggle with infertility. Often the complications come after cancer treatments leave the woman with slim or no chance of producing usable eggs of her own. Choosing to donate your eggs to a couple in need, for whatever reason, could serve as a living memorial to someone you’ve known who has struggled with infertility of their own.

3. Financial compensation. The money you will receive as compensation can open a multitude of doors for you. Consider paying off existing debt, creating a nest egg of savings or even traveling, all of these are options you can consider. Many of our donors are young women who are still pursuing their education. If this is you, consider the ease of managing your studies without the hassle of also having to maintain a part time job. Egg donor compensation could make this a possibility for you.

4. You’re not using them. Perhaps you’re not ready to start or add to your existing family right now. Maybe you know that those are options that will never appeal to you. As a result, every month you ovulate an egg that is not fertilized and is shed. Couples working with our surrogacy program have all the desire in the world to create or expand their family. What those couples don’t have are viable eggs. By donating the eggs that you currently don’t need or desire to have fertilized you are ensuring that those eggs are turned into babies for couples who will love them endlessly.

5. It’s quick. From legal paperwork to your egg retrieval, once your profile is chosen by an intended parent(s) we will only require about 3 months of your time. You’ll see a few doctors, take a few medications, undergo a brief procedure and return to your normal daily life. Your obligation is quick. Your impact is forever.