Mandy’s Surrogate Story

20140526_135803In February of 2010 I gave birth to my first daughter. I knew instantly that I wanted to have bunches and bunches of babies. I also knew I didn’t want a huge family. I started pondering whether or not I had what it takes to be a great gestational carrier.

Three years and another baby later it was time for me to make my dream a reality. I did a bit of internet research and ultimately decided to sign on with Growing Generations.

In a matter of a few short weeks Growing Generations set my husband and I up on a blind date with an amazingly funny and adorable couple. It was a blind date that would ultimately change the course of my entire life.

We matched with our couple easily and naturally. From there we went through legal contracting and an IVF cycle together. What was amazing to me was the way I was never alone. I had access to a multitude of people and support sources at all times. From my own personal nurse to my own case worker at Growing Generations, if I had questions I knew I had a person who could answer them. I was enabled with all the tools I needed to have a wonderful once in a lifetime experience.

Our very first transfer resulted in the positive pregnancy of a singleton. She was born in May of 2014. While the course of my surrogate pregnancy may have been as wonderfully boring as my own pregnancies were, the way it concluded was Earth moving.

The emotion that filled the delivery room that sunny spring day is something I will never forget. For them it was the emotion of finally becoming a family. It was the overwhelming love of holding their daughter for the very first time. For me it was overwhelming pride in my life choices and of this achievement. We all cried. Just as our lives will forever be blended, our hearts and tears joined in that room, in a moment where time stood still.

To be able to be a part of something as emotionally beautiful as the birth of a child that is not your own is one of the best gifts I had ever received. Being a surrogate is, by far, the most meaningful thing I have ever done. To be able to help another human being in this way is the sort of thing that defines your life and how you will be remembered by others. My gift will outlive me by decades in the family tree that I helped create.

Kelly Enders-Tharp

Kelly Enders-Tharp was a three time gestational surrogate with Growing Generations. Afterwards, she joined GG as their Marketing and Admissions Specialist.