Surrogacy Match Meeting Process: Profile Exchange, Guided Discussions & Confirmations

It Begins with a Profile Exchange

Prior to scheduling your match meeting, you will be sent an intended parent profile. You will review the profile and have the opportunity to ask questions during this time. Once you have accepted a profile, your information will be sent to the intended parents for review. The intended parents are generally given 48 hours to make a decision to accept or decline your profile. In the exciting event that they accept, we will move forward and schedule your match meeting with the help of your case specialist.

Your case will be submitted to the case specialist who the intended parents have been working with since becoming Growing Generations’ clients. This individual will reach out to you within a few days of profile acceptance to ask for your availability. You will be asked to free up an hour of your time to meet via teleconference. The match meeting will be facilitated by a member of Growing Generations team.

An email will be sent to you with a link and password for the video conference in the days preceding the match meeting. The meeting facilitator will lead you and the intended parents through a guided conversation. You will go over several key items of importance including thoughts on reduction, number of embryos to transfer, and communications preferences of all parties. The process is intended to serve as a way for you and your intended parents to get to know each other with a member of the Growing Generations team present..

Next Steps

At the close of the meeting, we ask each party to consider the match one more time. We ask that you let your case specialist know within 24 hours whether you wish to move forward. If you confirm the match, you progress to the legal phase. If you decide to decline, you are sent back to our matching specialist who will begin working with you to find a new profile to consider.

Key takeaways from this article:

  • Growing Generations’ surrogacy match meeting process begins with a profile exchange between the surrogate and the intended parents.
  • Once profiles are mutually accepted, a case specialist schedules a match meeting.
  • This guided conversation discusses important factors like reduction preferences, the number of embryos to transfer, and communication styles.
  • After the meeting, both parties have 24 hours to confirm the match. If confirmed, the process moves to the legal phase; if declined, the matching process restarts.