Transparency in Surrogate Compensation

Growing Generations takes great pride in operating with the highest ethical standards possible. It is our goal to ensure that you understand every step of your process and that the only surprises you encounter are happy ones. As a result, we are exceedingly proud to be one of the only surrogacy agencies to share information from our compensation package online, and are happy to answer any questions you may have at any stage of your journey.  

The benefits and compensation package outlines exactly what you will receive along with when you will receive it. While we once operated on a line item reimbursement style package, we felt that it was confusing. That’s why, in 2017, we rolled out an entirely new program to simplify things for our surrogates.

Under our new “flat pay” model, surrogates receive more compensation up front, and no longer have to file paperwork,  or become intimately familiar with a lengthy financial package. Our new benefits packages can be reviewed here, and present compensation in a straight forward, no nonsense manner. It is our goal to outline what each benefit package in the most transparent way possible.

We believe that sharing our full benefits package without the need for a commitment before the fact takes some of mystery and uncertainty out of the surrogacy process. With the financial information easily available, our surrogacy candidates will be able to better prepare for their upcoming journey. By giving you all the information up front and honestly, we ensure that you have the option to ask any questions you may have before you’ve committed to surrogacy, or even to us as an agency.

We are proud of our transparency. We make our benefit package available to anyone at any time. From potential surrogates to potential intended parents and those who are simply curious about how much a surrogate is really compensated; we believe everyone has a right to the information that will help them make what could be the biggest decision of their life.

We are proud of what we can offer, and feel that sharing it openly and without asking for anything in return lays the foundation for trust; something that is paramount in egg donation and surrogacy.

If you find that you have additional questions following your review of the package, you can email Kelly Enders-Tharp, Admissions and Marketing Specialist with Growing Generations, at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Kelly Enders-Tharp

Kelly Enders-Tharp was a three time gestational surrogate with Growing Generations. Afterwards, she joined GG as their Marketing and Admissions Specialist.