Understanding Surrogacy Reimbursements

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You will be entitled to reimbursement for a variety of things during your surrogacy journey. While the entire reimbursement process and covered expenses are outlined in your financial handbook, here is a basic break down of the process for quick reference.

What is Covered?

For the most part, reimbursements will apply to your travel experiences. When you travel for screening, matching, transfer, invasive procedures, or court hearings, you will be entitled to a number of reimbursements including a daily food allowance and childcare expenses. These expenses will have a maximum, which can be found in your financial handbook or by asking your case or financial specialist.

Later on during your journey, you will be eligible for reimbursement for a handful of additional expenses including insurance co-pays, prescription drugs, and extensive mileage on your car to drive to required medical appointments more than 200 miles round-trip from your home.

The Process

In order to get reimbursement for your out of pocket expenses you will need to follow a simple process. First you’ll need to print out the correct form, which is available in your financial handbook. Simply fill it out and either fax or Email it back to your financial specialist.

Once the paperwork has been processed, you will receive an Email confirming that the correct forms have been accepted and we will request any additional paperwork. You should note that you will need to keep and submit receipts for out of pocket expenses, with the exception of the daily food allowance during travel. The finance department cannot begin working on your reimbursement until all documentation, including receipts, has been submitted. In some instances, namely that of childcare or housekeeping (during doctor ordered bedrest), a receipt may not be given. In those instances you’ll need to have the provider fill out a “receipt of services” form, found in your financial handbook.

Once everything has been submitted, the Growing Generations finance department will process your reimbursement and issue you a check. There is generally a wait period on this check, as expense reimbursements are only issued every two weeks. Depending on when your paperwork is submitted, it could lead to what feels like an extended wait time for your reimbursement.

If you have additional questions about reimbursement, feel free to reference your financial handbook or speak with your finance specialist.