Why Surrogate Specific Insurance is Needed

It is not uncommon for your personal health insurance policy to cover your surrogate pregnancy. Choosing to use your own health insurance for surrogacy represents many benefits including a significant cost savings to your intended parents.

If you choose to use your personal insurance for your journey, you will still be asked to fill out an application for New Life Agency, NLA, a surrogacy-specific insurer used by many of our surrogates.

Surrogacy journeys often span a year or more, and a lot can change during that long of a period of time. It is not uncommon for your employer to change providers, potentially to a carrier who does not support or cover surrogate pregnancies, for you to change jobs, or for other changes in your life situation to cause a disruption or discontinuation of your personal insurance coverage. In the event that any of these events occur, it is possible that you could be left without coverage during some part of your pregnancy. In that rare occurrence, your intended parents could face crippling and unexpected medical bills.

It is our goal to safeguard your health as well as the financial expectations of the intended parents through every stage of your journey. As a result, we often ask intended parents to purchase a “back-up” insurance policy through NLA for unpredictable life changes.

Your life insurance policy, also purchased by the intended parents, will come through NLA. This is another reason why you’ll need to fill out application paperwork for this third party insurance agency.

If you have additional insurance questions or concerns, your Admissions Specialist will be able to answer them directly.

Teo Martinez

Teo Martinez is the CEO of Growing Generations, a surrogacy and egg donation agency headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Educated at both UCLA and Pepperdine University, and with over 15 years of experience working in assisted reproduction, Teo’s background makes him one of the most experienced and accomplished professionals in the field.