Becoming a Surrogate Overview

Why Should I Become a Surrogate Mother?

Life-changing. Fulfilling. Purposeful. These are just a few words surrogates use to describe their experience with Growing Generations’ gestational surrogacy program. In our 25+ year history, we have facilitated the births of over 2,000 babies, none of which would have been possible without the women who chose to become surrogates with Growing Generations.

Surrogates play an integral part in helping individuals and couples build and grow families of their own, and we are proud of each and every one of them. One of our previous surrogates said it best, “Being a surrogate was a beautiful experience that I will always hold close to my heart. Seeing the joy in the parent’s face as they held their baby in their arms was perfection.”

We want to make sure your surrogacy experience is joyful and fulfilling for you and the intended parents. Our surrogate matching team takes special care to make sure surrogates are matched with intended parents who share some of the same desires and that are legally able to work with one another, since every state has different laws regarding surrogacy.

Why do Surrogates Choose Growing Generations?

Safety. Quality. Trust. Growing Generations has over twenty-five years of experience and has worked with surrogates who reside all over the United States and intended parents who reside on six different continents. At Growing Generations, our surrogates are more than just a number. You will have a dedicated staff member assisting you throughout the entire surrogacy which includes your admissions process through delivery. We also have several staff members who were once surrogates, egg donors, and intended parents(now parents) who would be happy to share their experiences with you. We will also refer you to some of the leading IVF doctors and reproductive attorneys in the United States.

An admissions specialist will help you get started and guide you through your admission to the program, including a consultation, filling out initial paperwork, completing your profile, and your  psychological and medical screening processes. Our team focuses on getting to know you so we can provide you the most customized care possible.

Once we have identified a match for you, you’ll begin to work with one of our case specialists. Your case specialist will provide you support and guidance through the match meeting with your intended parents, legal process, embryo transfer, pregnancy, and delivery. Everything we do is designed to ensure that your surrogacy is the most rewarding experience for you and that you feel supported and cared for along the way.

How Much are Surrogates Paid?

Growing Generations offers one of the highest paying surrogacy compensation packages available. We know our surrogates are stellar and offer a generous compensation package of up to $58,500 for first time surrogates. Your surrogacy compensation depends on your employment status and state of residence.  On top of your base package, there are additional benefits of up to $35,000 for other factors such as previous experience as a surrogate, carrying twins, lost wages, and C-section deliveries. You will receive up to $4,000 of your compensation prior to your first attempt at pregnancy.

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What are Some of the Requirements to be a Surrogate?

There are various health, lifestyle, and financial requirements to become a surrogate, and we’ve listed some of these below. You can view more in-depth information about our program requirements here.

  • Age 21-39
  • Have had at least one healthy pregnancy and delivery
  • Have a BMI below 33
  • Cannot use tobacco or abuse drugs and alcohol
  • Cannot be on any form of government assistance
  • Reside in a state with favorable surrogacy laws

See if you qualify!

How do I Become a Surrogate Mother?


Step 1: Complete an Initial Surrogate Questionnaire to See if You Qualify

Take this quick survey to see if you qualify to be a surrogate with Growing Generations. If you have questions before beginning, please contact us,, and a member of our surrogate admissions team will be in touch with you directly. We are always here to help and to support you through your surrogacy experience.

This survey should take just a few minutes to complete. If you meet the health, lifestyle, and financial requirements, you’ll be asked to complete the full application. You can learn more about the requirements to be a surrogate here.

Step 2: Review of Surrogate Application 

Once we receive your initial application to become a surrogate, one of our admissions specialists will get back to you within 1 business day. Our admissions specialist will either need to ask you some additional questions, will begin setting up your consultation, or possibly a combination of both.

Step 3: New Surrogate Consultation

Next, you will have a consultation with a member of our surrogate admissions team. We are really looking forward to getting to know you during your consultation, walk you through what you can expect, and answer any and all questions you may have.

Step 4: Verifying Your Information 

After your phone consultation, we will ask you to complete paperwork, provide previous pregnancy medical records, and provide a handful of verifying documents such as a copy of your driver’s license and paystubs to confirm lost wages. Your admissions specialist will tell you exactly what we will need from you to proceed.

Step 5: Preparing for Your Match 

In order to find you the right match, you will create a profile with photos and more details about you and your family. We provide an easy-to-use online interface to make profile creation simple and easy. At this stage, you and your partner (if you’re partnered) will complete psychological screening. You will also have a phone consultation with a maternal fetal medicine specialist (MFT) to review your pregnancy history and medical records. During this stage, everything can be completed online, on the phone, or through video meetings, and you’ll have your admissions specialist guiding you through every step.

Step 6: Matching with Intended Parents

Now the real fun begins, being matched with a family. Our matching process is highly customized to ensure the most positive experience for our surrogates and intended parents. We will send you a profile of intended parents, and if you think they are a good fit, we’ll share your information with them. Once everyone agrees to meet, your case specialist will schedule a facilitated video meeting so you can all get to know one another. After you and the intended parents confirm the match, it is on to the medical process.

What is the Medical Process for Gestational Surrogacy?

Your medical process consists of three main steps: a medical screening by an IVF physician, an embryo transfer at an IVF facility, and pregnancy and delivery care provided by an obstetrician near you.

  • In-Person Medical Screening: Your screening will take place with the IVF doctor your intended parents are working with and can happen as quickly as two months after you apply to our program. Expenses for you and a partner to travel to your screening with your IVF doctor will be covered up front. Medical screening consists of a physical examination, uterine ultrasound, and blood draw.
  • Getting Pregnant: Once we receive medical clearance the legal phase begins. After contracts are signed between you and the intended parents, we will work with you and your IVF doctor to create a calendar with tentative embryo transfer dates. Your IVF medical team will ship your medications to you and set up monitoring appointments at a doctor’s office so you will not have to travel far for every progress check. One day prior to your embryo transfer, you and a companion will travel back to your IVF clinic, and again, we’ll arrange and pay for your travel expenses. After the embryo transfer you will rest at your hotel for 1-2 days before traveling back home. The first pregnancy test will take place approximately 10-12 days after the embryo transfer. At around 10-12 weeks of pregnancy, you’ll be released to your personal obstetrician.
  • Pregnancy and Delivery: To ensure you’ll never feel alone, we provide case specialists, who will know and understand your personal situation. From appointment reminders to payment coverage, we’ll help you through the practical and emotional sides of this process. You’ll always have access to our online resource center as well as to a private social media group to share your feelings, concerns, and stories. When your delivery date gets close, we will create a birth plan to send to your delivery hospital and the intended parents.

Interested in Meeting Some of Our Surrogates? 

You can learn more about surrogates in our program by visiting our surrogate stories. You can also find us on Instagram and Facebook. It is a great way to get a peek into the surrogate experience, view firsthand the families our surrogates and egg donors have helped create, AND get to know GG.


FAQs - Surrogacy Questions & Answers

Becoming a surrogate is a big step. If you are considering taking that step, you probably have a lot of questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.

  • What is a Surrogate?

    All babies develop and grow in a womb. A surrogate is a woman who offers to carry and give birth to another person’s baby. Surrogate’s do not generally contribute genetically to the baby, so they are not related to the baby they carry.

  • What is a Gestational Surrogate?

    As a gestational surrogate, you will not be biologically related to the child or children you will be carrying. With gestational surrogacy, the egg comes from either the intended mother or an egg donor, and the sperm comes from either an intended father or a sperm donor. The embryo is created through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and can then be transferred into a surrogate or frozen for future use. This procedure is commonly referred to as an embryo transfer. Your eggs are not used in the process.

  • Why should I choose to be a surrogate with Growing Generations (GG)?

    We love our surrogates. Without you, none of what we do is possible. We consider every surrogate a client, and our client promise is to provide safety, quality, and service every step of the way. We require above and beyond industry standards for insurance coverage, coverage of all travel expenses upfront, unlimited psychological support, and a commitment to getting to know you, your needs, and working to fulfill those. You can learn more about what you can expect from Growing Generations here: The Values and Philosophy of GG.

  • As a surrogate, will I get to meet the intended parent(s)?

    With the help of technology, we facilitate most of our match meetings between our surrogates and intended parent(s) via video chat. Your case specialist will help arrange this meeting, and you can learn more about what to expect here. Most people go on to meet their intended parent(s) in person at some point during their surrogacy. We believe in listening to individual wants and needs and working to fulfill them.

  • Do I have to stop breastfeeding before starting the surrogacy process?

    Surrogates do not have to be finished breastfeeding their child before applying to be a surrogate. It is important to Growing Generations that your nursing bond with your child ends naturally. We’re happy to review your application and to talk to you more about the surrogacy process. Together we will make a plan for moving forward based on your nursing plans. You’ll need to be finished breastfeeding prior to your full medical screening just to ensure all of your hormone levels have returned to normal. You can learn more about how breastfeeding plays into your surrogacy journey here: Four Things That Can Delay Your Surrogacy.

  • Do surrogates have to carry twins/multiples during surrogacy?

    No, surrogates are not required to carry twins or higher order multiples. Given advances in reproductive medicine and a desire to maximize positive outcomes for surrogates, babies, and intended parents, more and more people hope for and try for singleton pregnancies. Of course, there is always the VERY unlikely possibility of one embryo splitting to identical twins, but we’ll talk through that with you to learn more about your feelings and proceed accordingly. There are some intended parents hoping for twins, and we work to match those intended parents with a surrogate who is like minded.

  • What will my compensation or pay be as a surrogate?

    Growing Generations is one of the highest paying surrogacy agencies in the United States. Our surrogate compensation package offers up to $58,500, and there are additional benefits available up to $35,000. You’ll receive up to $4,000 before your first attempt at pregnancy.

    We’re also proud of our simple and straight forward payment structure. You’re a mature adult, and we’re going to treat you accordingly. We aren’t going to give you a monthly expense allowance or a maternity clothing allowance, but instead, our surrogates receive an overall higher compensation and get to decide how to use it.

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