Become a Surrogate

Becoming a Surrogate Mother: How It Works.

Growing Generations has facilitated the birth of over 1650 babies through our surrogacy program. This means that hundreds of women have dedicated themselves to our overall goal of fulfilling dreams for those interested in having a family.

Surrogates in our program have told us how incredibly fulfilling it is to help a set of intended parents or a single intended parent achieve their goal of starting a family. And the generous compensation provided by Growing Generations allows surrogates to actually pursue other dreams thanks to the lack of a financial burden.

We are so glad you are interested in Growing Generations and hope that our website can help get you the information you need to make an informed decision. There is a lot to become familiar with so let’s get started with a quick video on the surrogacy process:

Growing Generations firmly believes in assisting surrogates through the entire process. An expert will be assigned to you as soon as the admissions process begins. Once cleared to move ahead, you will be assigned a team of experts and they will have your back until the pregnancy is completed. Surrogates also have access to an online portal that provides them with helpful tips, videos and articles to help them along the way.

The ultimate goal of all this assistance is to provide surrogates and intended parents with the exact experience they are looking for and the people with which to accomplish that goal.

The Admissions Process

Once the application is accepted, Growing Generations will contact you to set up a phone consultation, where we will address the specifics of the process, and any other questions you have.

After your consult is complete, you will begin working with an Admissions Specialist on paperwork and prescreening, including preparing for your in-person screening appointment in Los Angeles.

Most surrogates make it from consult to in-person screening in about 6-8 weeks. One of the most exciting parts of this process is matching with your intended parents, which typically happens at some point during your medical screening process.

The Medical Process

The medical process is comprised of three major phases: screening, embryo implantation and maternity/delivery.

Your Admissions Specialist will assist you in scheduling your in-person medical and psychological screening in Los Angeles. If you have a partner, they will be screened as well. Screening results typically take 2 weeks, chances are you will be somewhere in the matching process at this time.

Once your match has been confirmed and contracts signed, you will work on setting up your IVF cycle calendar and embryo transfer date. Once set, your team will help get you prepared for transfer, including shipping the medications and setting up local monitoring appointments.

About 10 days past transfer you will have a pregnancy test that will determine the next steps.

Around 8 weeks pregnant, you will be transferred to an obstetrician in your area. Growing Generations will continue to support you and the intended parents throughout the entire pregnancy and beyond.

Want to learn more about the medical process? View the video below. Here Dr. Bradford Kolb discusses the medical screening, medication and embryo implantation protocols.