Enriching Lives Through Surrogacy

There are many reasons why someone is unable to conceive. Struggling with infertility can be heartbreaking and by deciding to become a surrogate you are giving intended parents the chance to realize the dream of parenthood. For other intended parents, surrogacy is their first attempt at having a child, and you get to share in their excitement while helping provide them something they never thought possible.

Although it’s not all about the surrogate mother pay, at Growing Generations, we know that financial compensation is important and it could help your change your life in many ways, such as:

  • Putting a down payment on your dream home
  • Starting a new business venture
  • Going back to school to achieve a new life goal
  • Opening a college fund to ensure your children’s future

Becoming a surrogate has many rewards, both for you and for the intended parents. The relationship you form with them will be strong and may last even after the pregnancy. Not only will you have expanded your experience by giving the gift of life, you will also have enriched the lives of others.

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Because we know they’re worth it, our surrogates receive one of the highest compensation packages in the industry. In addition, our finance department is available to you through every step of your process, providing a hands-on, compassionate service. Our goal is to ensure that your surrogacy process is free of any financial issues.

For first time surrogates, our compensation package includes $47,000 for those residing in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Nevada, and Oregon and $42,000 for surrogates residing outside of those states. We also cover lost wages, life insurance, and surrogacy-related expenses. Experienced surrogates receive well above these amounts so please call us!

At Growing Generations we have facilitated the birth of more than a fourteen hundred babies. When you decide to join us as a surrogate, you will join the hundreds of women who have dedicated themselves to fulfilling the dream of couples who wish to start a family.

Our surrogates have expressed how wonderfully gratifying it is to help intended parents to fulfill their goal of raising a family of their own. Thanks to the generous compensation that Growing Generations provides, surrogates can then go on to follow their own dreams.

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