Successful Surrogate Stories – Angela

angela_thumb__1_1_8220I’m Angela from Texas and I have two successful surrogate stories to share with you. I’ve been a surrogate twice – once for an infertile couple and once for a single gay man. My husband and children were very much involved in my gestational surrogacy. We called it “babysitting.” It has always been something WE are doing, not just MOM is doing it. One of the most unexpected benefits of surrogacy is that it has made us more open as a family. We discuss things a lot because my kids are so used to asking questions. It’s made us a much closer family.

My kids have always heard me talk about helping others and not just thinking about ourselves. To see it in action has really been an incredible learning experience. My daughter will now defend kids who get picked on. She doesn’t stand for bullying at all now.

The compensation I received has been a tremendous help. The money has helped put my husband through college. I don’t know what we would have done without it. Because of my compensation, he was able to go to school full-time instead of part-time and really speed up getting his degree.

FamilyPics___Bench__1_2_7735The emotional benefits are indescribable. Seeing my intended father with his kids and knowing how happy he is and how happy they all are. It’s a joy that will last my whole life. When I’m on my deathbed, I know I can say that I did something good in the world. I know I’ll never be a nuclear physicist or cure cancer. Of course I’m proud of my kids, but that’s my job. Being a good parent is something that must be done and I love my kids.

Being a surrogate is a CHOICE to do something extraordinary for someone else. Seeing people struggle with infertility made me think about my own kids. If I was infertile or gay, and I couldn’t have kids, I would hope and pray that there would be someone out there who would help me. Because I have easy pregnancies and love being pregnant there was for me no reason not to do it.

Having been with another agency, it’s nice to be with Growing Generations. They try really hard to make it a good match based on what you need and want out of the situation. They assign you a Case Manager so you have one person that you can count on to know all about you and your situation and your pregnancy.

FamilyPics___Group_Hug__1_2_158Growing Generations really thinks about your needs, like having a psychologist on staff. It doesn’t even have to be something major — you’re pregnant and crabby and you can just call her and vent. Before I’m off the phone, I’m in a better mood.

I hadn’t really thought about surrogacy until one day my husband and I were flipping channels and saw a 20/20 special on a surrogate and by the end of it I was bawling and my husband said, That’s you. You could do that. We had just decided that we were done having our own children, and to be honest I was bummed about never being pregnant again. I thought, “I can help somebody and I can be pregnant again!” I’m one of those women who love to be pregnant. Having my husband’s support and watching him grow through this process and be more open-minded and accepting has brought us a lot closer.

I’m so much more confident overall now. I’m a stronger person. I found out that I’m a lot braver than I ever thought. Still, I think about how easy I had my own children and it makes you able to see how lucky you are when you meet people who can’t. It’s humbling.