Successful Surrogate Stories – Anita

anita_thumb__1_1_4813My name is Anita from California and I have five successful surrogate stories to share with you. I’ve been involved with a gestational surrogacy five times. Yes, that’s right. Five times. Why? It changed me profoundly. I went from being an ordinary person in a tiny little town, to being part of something extraordinary. I feel like I have been a part of a miracle.

People always talk about surrogate mothers being so giving – but what I want people to know is how much I’ve gotten out of it. So many benefits. The thing is, what you help create is a human being. It feels almost too special for words.

anita_kids_2004_007__1_2_7405I’ve always made my kids a part of the process. It wasn’t something I was doing; it was something we were doing. It’s not Mom did this, it’s we did this and I think it’s really made us a super close family. We can talk about anything. They feel like they are honored. They feel like our family is a team and we help other families.

Unlike a normal job, surrogacy allows you to be with your children more and your children can be a big part of the experience. It has a tangible outcome that they can see – a family.

Surrogacy also helped my children become better rounded – opened their horizons. We live in a small town, but surrogacy has brought the world into our lives. I’ve carried babies for international couples as well as domestic couples, straight and gay.

anitapg__1_2_6159We would never have had so much exposure to different kinds of people without surrogacy. I’m so happy that my kids know there are all kinds of possibilities, not just our little corner of the world – like Tokyo and Dublin. They know there are different ways to live and love.

The money has helped us travel all over and we’ve been able to give our children extras we couldn’t have afforded. They love the attention they receive from the intended parents, but they are also more giving and accepting of people than they might have been.

I think surrogacy has been good for our community too. The kids see so much diversity in families working together. Now there’s a whole community of surrogates here and I’ve met surrogates from all over the country. I have made some of my very best friends through surrogacy.

All of the education provided by surrogates and agencies like Growing Generations has really improved our medical care here. The hospital staff now has experts at surrogacy and they enjoy being a part of it. A lot of people work together to make it happy, so there’s a lot of celebration at every delivery.

I love being a part of the beginning of a family and of a child’s life. It’s an incredible gift and incredible honor.