Successful Surrogate Stories – Kelly

kelly-2013Kelly is mommy to Ruby, Preston, and Sawyer. She is a 3x Gestational Surrogate, having delivered two sets of twins and a singleton for three different GG families. Kelly teaches in the Psychology Department at American River College in Sacramento and enjoys spreading the word about how amazing Ethical Surrogacy can be, including running a Facebook Group for other Growing Generations’ Surrogates. After receiving her Masters at 23 and completing her own family at 31 she was ready to start her journey as a surrogate mother. Kelly researched online for a surrogacy agency that would help her complete her dream of helping a gay couple create a family. Even though she went in thinking she’d just do it once, she found her calling and proceeded to help two other families, one that was International. Through Surrogacy, Kelly has found three amazing families that she still is in contact with and dozens of Surrogate friends.

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