Successful Surrogate Stories – Tina

tina_thumb__1_1_3501I’m Tina from South Dakota and I have many successful surrogate stories to share with you. As a surrogate mother, I’ve had a little bit of everything. I’ve carried for straights, gays, US citizens and International couples — the works.

After I had my own twins, I read a story about a gal who struggled for 10 years to have a baby and her sister carried the baby for her. It just opened my mind to gestational surrogacy. I had no idea. After a not great experience with one agency, I looked around. Surrogates online were always talking about Growing Generations Surrogacy Agency.

Compared to my first agency, I loved that they treat you like a queen. They are very supportive and work hard to make you feel happy. I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about all the details. I could not have been happier. Also, I loved my doctor. He was so easy to work with. I always felt like I was getting the best care.

tina2Family_Photos_030__1_2_3854Personally, I’ve become much stronger and more independent. I’ve gotten a lot of promotions at work because people see the difference in me. You feel like Superwoman because giving the gift of a child is huge. I don’t live in a big city, so when a local station did a three-part special about me, it raised the issue of infertility for a lot of people and now there are more resources in our state. So, indirectly, I’m helping more people.

For my family, the change has been unbelievable. I was able to help my parents when my dad was on disability for a while. My mom has always been supportive and she’s come to every one of my deliveries!

tina1__1_2_8028My husband and I knew we wanted to have a college fund for the kids and we’ve started that. We have the freedom to invest for the future, build a new home and reward ourselves with trips. My husband doesn’t have to work so much overtime, so he’s able to relax with the kids and enjoy family time.

My husband really enjoys meeting all the different intended parents and my kids have learned about different cultures, families and languages. It’s broadened their horizons more than my husband and I could have all on our own.

Surrogacy taught me to use my compassion in an active way. Now, it’s rubbed off on my whole family. When my daughter sees kids at school with holes in their shoes or clothes that don’t fit, she wants to do something about it. We put together donations for the school to give those kids. My daughter is always looking for ways to help people.

The joy of giving someone a child, especially if you’ve known someone who’s struggled with infertility – there’s no comparison.