A Rough Timeline for Intended Parents


Making the leap to become a parent through surrogacy comes with a plethora of emotions. You’ll experience everything from joy and doubt to happiness, fear and perhaps most of all, excitement! Now that you’ve taken the first steps towards parenthood it’s highly likely you want to know how long it’s going to be before you could be welcoming your new baby home. Here’s a look at just how quickly things could happen.

1. Consult. The first step is to talk to us. We’ll schedule a time to talk with you about what you want and try to answer any questions you may have.

2. When you are ready to get started, you’ll pay a retainer fee and sign a retainer agreement. This allows us permission to start building your family. This retainer can be done anytime, including during your initial consultation.

3. Within 48 hours you’ll be given online access to your client portal. Here you will upload photos of yourselves and answer questions relevant to the process including views on multiples, selective reduction, and birth preferences. These things will be included in your profile which will be your surrogate’s first introduction to you. If you need the assistance of an egg donor, we can be sure to make sure you have access to our online egg donor database.

4. You can expect to spend anywhere between the twelve to eighteen months, depending on which program you have retained, awaiting your surrogate match. If applicable, you will have the opportunity to view our egg donor database during this time. Your profile will be sent to surrogates for review. Once you have been selected by a surrogate, you will receive her profile. If the approval is mutual, you’ll move forward to a match meeting.

5. After your match meeting, we will request funding for your client expense account. Typically, within four to six weeks of matching your surrogate will be medically screened. Her medical screening results should come back within two weeks.

6. Once your surrogate has gone in for medical screening and your account is funded, you will begin the legal contract phase. This phase takes about four weeks for all parties to review the contract.

7. After your surrogate is medically cleared, legal clearance has been issued, and your client expense account is funded, your IVF clinic will provide you with IVF cycle calendar dates. On average, it will take four months from the time you are matched with your surrogate to the the date of the embryo transfer.

8. Two weeks later we find out if the transfer was successful. In the event that it is, you’ve got anywhere from six to nine months of pregnancy ahead of you!

9. During the final trimester of the pregnancy your legal team will work with you on parental rights.

These steps that add up to a family. And it could happen for you in roughly two years, to two and a half years.

Of course, all timelines are rough estimates only. Some parents progress through the process more quickly than others based on many circumstances. Whatever speed your journey takes, know that Growing Generations and your support team within will be with you every step of the way.