Announcing Growing Generations’ Partnership with Mitera

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Mitera, a group of maternal-fetal subspecialists, whose services are now part of our surrogate screening process. Our commitment to the safety of surrogates and the pregnancies they carry requires thorough screening and informed decision making. Mitera’s specialized risk assessment allows for surrogates and intended parents to be fully informed and help to ensure the best possible outcomes for everyone involved.

Who Is Mitera?

Mitera is a group of California based maternal-fetal subspecialists and reproductive health counselors operating via telehealth. Their goal is to lessen the risks involved in pregnancy through expert obstetric care. With this in mind, Mitera provides full reviews of medical records and obstetric history, as well as consultations with those who are or plan to become pregnant. Mitera can also help parents and surrogates throughout pregnancy, including providing a second opinion should any medical concerns that arise.

How Growing Generations Works With Mitera

When Mitera approached us in 2020, we determined that their in-depth review process was a great addition to our surrogate screening protocol. Now we are able to have a dedicated licensed physician vet, review, consent and interview potential surrogates before we ever make an introduction to intended parents. After all, no one wants to begin creating a surrogacy relationship only to have the plans fall through later.

“What we do is meet with surrogates one-on-one,” explained Dr. Kathy Salari, co-founder of Mitera, “and we do a deep dive into their medical history, as well as each of their prior pregnancies. With an evidence-based approach, we comment on risk factors and provide recommendations for future pregnancies.”

For Mitera, Growing Generations’ elevated standards for screening and focus on safety stood out.

“We meet with candidates from all over the country from different agencies and we work with different fertility clinics. I would say without a doubt that many of the gestational carrier candidates we meet from Growing Generations have already been quite well vetted before they meet us. I have certainly been impressed with some of their medical and obstetrical backgrounds,” Dr. Salari continued.

“When I view agencies there are those who are just middlemen and then there are those that are partners, right? I think that a partnership with Mitera reflects more of a commitment to a partnership, rather than just being a matchmaker if you will,” said Dr. Salari.

By working together, Growing Generations and Mitera deliver positive outcomes and ensure informed decision making in surrogate pregnancy. We are excited for the peace of mind this relationship adds for parents and surrogates in our program. Want to learn more about our partnership with Mitera and what we can do to help you grow your family? Contact Growing Generations today watch this video for more information.