Breaking The Language Barrier

International parents may find themselves feeling a bit of anxiety over developing a relationship with their surrogate when there is such a clear language barrier to overcome. We understand that the gap in miles, cultures, and languages can seem insurmountable, but these differences don’t have to be a challenge. Growing Generations has a communications team in place to help bridge these gaps.

The desire to grow a family isn’t exclusive to English speakers or US Citizens. As such, Growing Generations keeps multi-lingual employees on staff in order to cater to the world market. At any given time you’re likely to find someone who is able to speak fluent Italian, French, Catalan, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Malay ready to help you.

This means that you are able to have a clear and open means of communication with both staff and your surrogate. Growing Generations staff will facilitate milestone calls as well as any other time a party requests a verbal call.

Don’t feel limited to only speaking to your surrogate though. Through free and easily available services like Google Translate you are able to trade Emails and Skype messages with seamless integration.  Of course if there is a particularly sensitive subject we are again happy to help translate written communication as well.

Additionally, Growing Generations is lucky enough to have a pool of surrogates who are multi-lingual themselves. Whenever a surrogate who speaks additional languages is cleared for matching we will work hard to try and match her with intended parents who also speak that language, so long as other important preferences align as well.

As a final thought, try not to let distance and language barriers detour you from using a surrogate that may not share your customs or tongue. We often find that many of our international matches come away from the journey with a greater world view and excitement for the new culture they’ve had a change to embrace.

Teo Martinez

Teo Martinez is the CEO of Growing Generations, a surrogacy and egg donation agency headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Educated at both UCLA and Pepperdine University, and with over 15 years of experience working in assisted reproduction, Teo’s background makes him one of the most experienced and accomplished professionals in the field.