Creative Ways to Fund Surrogacy

RESOLVE, the National Infertility Association, reports that one in 8 U.S. couples of childbearing years will experience some level of infertility in their quest to create a family.  Add to that the rising costs of infertility testing, diagnosis, treatment and In Vitro Fertilization and it starts to become clear why more and more couples are starting to get creative about ways to fund their future families.

As of 2016, just 13 states had laws on the books that require insurance companies to pay for infertility related claims, leaving the majority of Americans facing infertility staring down the barrel at mounting costs. In fact, RESOLVE estimates that the current cost of a single IVF cycle is well over $12,000.

Growing Generations is pleased to offer you a long-term financing option with low annual percentage rates through New Life Fertility Finance.  While we think you will be impressed with their credit lines and APR rates, we understand that this option may not be the first choice for everyone. So, what are other would-be parents considering?


Once upon a time, people may have taken up a collection among friends or asked their relatives for financial help in times of need. But these days, with the advent of the Internet and the ease of online payments, crowdsourcing is the hip new way to allow others help you to reach your financial goals. Sites like,, and allow users to share their story in an effort to ask for help from friends, family members, even complete strangers. By creating hashtags, sharing videos, photos, and personal stories, people suffering with infertility can appeal to an ever growing audience in the hopes of finding funding help. Once a campaign is live, supporters can use their personal social networks to help spread the story and donations can rise quickly.

Grants and Scholarships

Certain organizations are starting to offer grants and scholarship funds to families struggling with infertility. According to the Huffington Post, organizations like Tinina Q. Cade Foundation and the Pay it Forward Fertility Foundation each offer several awards each year to those struggling with infertility. While both organizations charge an application fee, the payout can be worth it. Some grants can offer up to $10,000 to offset the costs of infertility treatments.

New Jobs

Some forward thinking companies are starting to open their hearts to the idea of helping established employees with the cost of infertility treatments. According to this article published in the Seattle Times, some larger companies like Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple are now willing to help employees tackle the costs of infertility. These perks are encouraging would be parents to reconsider their employer and potentially start a new job search. To find more companies with known allowances for infertility, follow this link to a directory maintained by the International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc.

Savings & Sales

For some intended parents, the answer to the cost of fertility is simply to dig deep or sell something valuable. While probably not the first line of defense, more and more people are turning to their savings accounts or borrowing against their 401K retirement plans to help fund infertility costs.

If you have questions about funding a surrogacy or egg donation journey with Growing Generations, know that we have experts on hand who will be happy to discuss your needs and help you come up with the best plan for you. In order to get that conversation started, please send an email to