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How Long Does It Take to Find a Surrogate

Waiting to be matched with your surrogate can be an exciting time. It can also make intended parents quite anxious as every day can feel like a month. We get it. You’ve made the choice to use a surrogate, taken the plunge, and want to run forward at the speed of light. Even so, we encourage you to bear in mind that it is crucial to a successful journey that we match you with the right surrogate for you, as opposed to any surrogate who is ready to be matched right now. Here’s a look at a few things that can impact how long it takes us to find the right surrogate for you.

We love it when intended parents have a clear idea of who their ideal surrogate will be. Some intended parents want a first-time surrogate who is fresh and doesn’t have previous experiences to compare against the journey you will have together. Other intended parents prefer an experienced surrogate who has already navigated this unique relationship. Additionally, intended parents often have differing opinions on if they’d like a surrogate who is a stay at home mom or a member of the workforce. Some want a surrogate who keeps an all-organic diet, while others aren’t concerned with how she eats. First things first; we encourage you to give consideration to what you want in a surrogate candidate and express those desires honestly with our staff.

However, do understand that every limitation you place on your search narrows our field of potential surrogates for you, and can increase your wait time. While we absolutely believe it is more important to find the right surrogate than the “right-now” surrogate, we also understand that the speed of your journey matters. There are certain filters that can cause your surrogate search to be delayed more than others. These factors include her:

There are also certain things about you and your situation that can cause your matching experience to be a bit longer. These include:

Once you have created the profile of your ideal surrogate candidate, we will be able to give you an estimated wait time for finding your surrogate. Again, this is just an estimate. We will be actively sending your intended parent profile to surrogates who match your desired traits, but it is the surrogate’s choice to accept or decline your profile. Having your profile accepted can happen right away, or may take several attempts to find that perfect mutual match. That is something we really cannot predict.

We do ask that you’re patient as we actively search for your surrogate.  We promise she will be worth the wait!