What is the Relation Between an Egg Donor and the Child Conceived with Her Egg?

Providing full-service egg donation and surrogacy services since 1996, Growing Generations has spent years working to make it safer, easier and more enjoyable for individuals, couples, surrogates and egg donors interested in this life-changing process. Although the egg donation process is fairly common in today’s society, we commonly receive questions regarding the relation between an egg donor and a child conceived via egg donation.

Do Babies Conceived Via Donor Eggs Resemble the Donor?

Babies who are conceived from donor eggs will carry the DNA of the donors and thus display similar features. Given that the child will resemble the egg donor, intended parents often select donors based on physical attributes, such as eye and hair color, as well as ethnicity. Many intended parents also will select an egg donor based on her educational background or personality, with the hope that the offspring will match some of their non-physical characteristics.

From the beginning of the egg donation process, the contact information of egg donors remains unknown to intended parents. Only in some instances, where both parties agree to reveal their personal information, do intended parents communicate or meet with their egg donor.

Carefully drafted contracts between egg donors and intended parents state that egg donors have no parental rights over the offspring that result from their donations. Unlike in surrogacy, where a surrogate knows personal information about the individual or couple she is helping, the intended parents will remain unknown to the egg donor. The only information she is provided is a family type (gay/straight, married/single) and where that family resides − either internationally or within the United States.

You can find even more information about Growing Generations’ egg donation program on our FAQ page.