Building families is our mission

Growing Generations is a full-service surrogacy and egg donation agency passionately dedicated to the vision of creating life as a means of changing the world. We are building and growing families globally – in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, China, Australia, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, the Netherlands and many other countries.

Our specialized services make it safer, easier and more enjoyable for individuals, couples, surrogates and egg donors interested in this life-changing journey.

We deliver dreams.


Couples and individuals who are unable to have a baby on their own biologically or through intention can realize their dream of becoming a parent with us. Our surrogacy program provides intended parents the guidance they need through every step of the process.

About Surrogacy

Egg Donation

We provide a hands-on approach to the egg donation process. From egg donor selection to medical screenings, we want to be sure our intended parents feel comfortable and confident about this process from concept to conception.

About Egg Donation


Our surrogates are among the top 1% of our applicants, and we’re proud of our industry-leading compensation package. Our surrogates use words such as life changing, fulfilling and purposeful to describe their experience with our program.

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Egg Donors

Our egg donors are creative, intelligent and charismatic women who are focused on helping a couple or individual have a child. We have coordinated thousands of egg donation cycles. We encourage healthy woman between the ages of 21 and 30 to apply.

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Get to Know Growing Generations

Founded in 1996, Growing Generations was the first surrogacy and egg donation agency that was devoted to serving the gay and lesbian community. We are able to offer our services to HIV-positive men who wish to use their sperm in the surrogacy process. We have since expanded our services to work with all families regardless of marital status or sexual orientation. We also were the first surrogacy and egg donation agency to provide intended parents with online egg donor videos to better facilitate a healthy relationship between parents and surrogates.

Over 20 Years of Experience

The surrogacy and egg donation process, like pregnancy, can be an exciting and stressful endeavor. If you are looking for experience and expertise, Growing Generations has been recognized as one of the best and largest surrogacy and egg donation agencies in the world. We are dedicated to tailoring our programs to every individual and couple to fit their needs while providing exceptional service with the highest level of integrity.

From Real Families

Hear from real families as they discuss the surrogacy process and their personal experiences with Growing Generations. Building families and creating cherished legacies are our core values.

The Legacy Program for VIP & Celebrity parents to be

Growing Generations counts multiple VIPs and Celebrities among its clients.

GG created a VIP program over a decade ago to meet the unique needs of some of our clients who are looking for a completely customized approach to their surrogacy process. For more information about our VIP program and its additional services,  contact us.

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