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A surrogate is someone who agrees to carry a pregnancy for another person or couple, giving birth to a baby who has no genetic connection and will be raised by the intended parent(s). Taking on such a vital role means merging your best interests with those of the family you are going on this journey for.

Rising to the top in our highly selective application process, Growing Generations surrogates are the best possible partners for the intended parents we serve. Your journey is a serious commitment—to make you and your wellbeing a top priority, with the most personalized attention and the utmost respect.



Growing Generations surrogates are mothers themselves who are raising their own children. Pregnancy is an experience they enjoy, and family is incredibly important to them. The compensation they receive is a way to pursue their dreams and provide for themselves and their family, all while being an essential partner on someone else’s path to parenthood.

The biggest reason surrogates do what they do is because they believe in helping others grow a family. By becoming a surrogate, you can help people become parents despite medical or personal circumstances that have complicated their journey, such as infertility or, health conditions that make carrying a pregnancy dangerous, and same-sex male couples who wish to have a biological child. A surrogate makes parenthood possible where it would not be otherwise.

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