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Occasionally, a woman will come to our egg donation program with the desire to donate her eggs after completing her family. If the potential donor has had her “tubes tied,” she might feel that she is unable to donate as a result, but this is a myth.

Following a tubal ligation, women are still able to donate eggs because the process of egg retrieval removes the eggs directly from follicles, before they are released into the body. Cut fallopian tubes do not have an impact on the body’s ability to produce mature, fertile eggs.

In fact, the egg donor process will be no different for a donor that has undergone a tubal ligation than it will be for any other donor. You will still be required to take injectable medications and attend several monitoring appointments leading up to the retrieval. The medical process for retrieval will be completed the same way it would if your tubes remained intact. Recovery will also be similar, and side effects will still consist of mild cramping and bloating.

Interestingly enough, a woman who has had a tubal ligation is also able to be a surrogate. With the help of science, it is entirely possible for a child to be born without the use of fallopian tubes. Click here to apply to be an egg donor with Growing Generations.

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