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When a surrogate learns that she is being considered to carry for a VIP client, she generally will have a lot of questions and, more often than not, a few assumptions about these potential intended parents.

Perhaps the most common first thought is, “Is it someone famous?” While it can be true that you are about to be asked to carry for a celebrity, it could also be the case that the profile you’re about to receive is that of an everyday person. Not all VIP profiles are that of celebrities, and not all famous intended parents will wind up as VIP clients.

Understand this: the one thing that all VIP cases have in common is that they are all a bit outside of the box. Every VIP is different and has different requirements.

In general, a VIP client will be one with needs that fall a bit outside of standard protocol. These clients are often leaders in their fields and, while they may not have face recognition for you, would for others in their industries. They’re often seeking additional confidentiality requirements in their surrogacy agreement.

Desired constraints of VIP clients can range from very strict to non-existent. Some VIP clients will request that no photos be taken and that no names or identifying information be shared with anyone (sometimes including your own family members).

Many clients from Asia, specifically China, will seek out a VIP relationship and journey. In these situations a Client Service Coordinator may be asked to attend the birth in order to translate between the intended parents and the surrogate.

Finally, if you do choose to consider a VIP client, know that you may not receive a traditional “profile” of the couple. These clients are not required to fill out our traditional intake profile. In place of the traditional questionnaire with photos, you may receive a simple letter from the IPs instead. This letter is like a profile, containing a few photos of the intended parents, and introduces the surrogate to the client in their own words.

Many VIP clients will be seeking a surrogate with a clean pregnancy history, a low BMI, healthy lifestyle, and a clean personal, legal, and medical background. Often these clients are looking for women who may have college degrees, are established in their fields, or active in their communities.

Carrying for a VIP couple can be challenging, but it can also be exciting. If you have additional questions about what it means to carry for a VIP client, do not hesitate to reach out to your Admissions Specialist at any time.

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