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The opportunity to travel as part of your egg donation journey can be exciting, but it can also feel overwhelming. With that in mind, we wanted to share a few of the details about what you can expect when it comes to required travel during your donation journey.

Many women considering egg donation come to us with the misconception that it will require them to either relocate to another city for the course of the donation or to travel extensively for doctor’s appointments. In reality, you will not need to relocate at all, and will only be expected to travel twice during the procedure.

The majority of your in-cycle monitoring appointments can be conducted in your hometown, or at least nearby, and the medications that you will need to take can be self-administered in your own home. The only reasons you will need to travel are for your initial screening process and for the egg retrieval itself.

The initial screening process begins once you have been chosen and matched with intended parents. The screening process consists of a psychological and medical screening. Often the psychological screening is completed virtually, but occasionally it is done in person depending on your location and the clinic’s requirements. The medical screening will be completed with the fertility clinic that the intended parents are established with and where the retrieval will take place, although, if possible, some clinics do allow that appointment to be completed locally. This is typically just a day trip, but depending on the time of your appointments, where you live, and the daily flight schedule, can occasionally require you to be flown in the night before your appointments. Growing Generations pays for the airfare and hotel if needed. You do not require a companion for this trip.

Later, once you’ve completed your medical cycle and are ready for your egg retrieval procedure, you will need to travel again. This trip is longer in nature, and you should plan to be away from home for 4-12 days total. The large discrepancy in travel time is based on which clinic you’re using. While some clinics have a quicker turnaround time, others prefer to have you in town longer in order to monitor your body very closely. This allows them to choose the most optimal day possible for your retrieval. You do get to have a companion with you for your retrieval trip. Understand that if your travel companion is unable to stay with you for the entire trip, our travel agents will work with your companion in order to get them home on a schedule that fits their life; they are only required to be with you for the procedure itself. 

The extended stay will include your airfare and hotel. You will also be allotted up to $100 per day to cover your meals. This is a reimbursable expense. Your companion’s airfare will also be covered, but your companion will need to share your hotel room. Additionally, your companion will only receive a 3-day food allowance, also allotted at $100 per day. Once your retrieval has been completed and you return to your hometown, your journey is considered complete! There will be no more required travel for you.

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