Egg Donor Diversity at Growing Generations

Growing Generations is proud to feature a diverse selection of egg donors across all ethnicities and religions. We always strive to have egg donor profiles that match all intended parents’ needs, whether they are physical, intellectual, cultural, or a combination thereof.

However, there are some egg donor ethnicities that are in high demand and short supply. Examples include Chinese, East Indian (also known as Asian Indian) and Jewish egg donors. Cultural and religious biases are likely contributing factors to the short supply of egg donors with these backgrounds.

For intended parents who are interested in preserving ethnic or cultural backgrounds, finding egg donors that share their own traits or beliefs is important, and we fully understand that. Here are some tips to help you if you’re looking for that hard-to-find donor:

  • Be prepared to pay higher compensation to donors with backgrounds that are difficult to find. Donors with high-demand backgrounds are often compensated beyond the average $8,000 – $10,000.
  • Be ready to work around the egg donor’s schedule. Egg donors in high demand can sometimes have schedules that require intended parents to be flexible. We encourage balance when it comes to waiting. Remember, your goal is to have a baby, so waiting six months for an egg donor’s schedule to free up should be considered carefully.
  • Be flexible in your desired traits or ethnicity. Some intended parents want their egg donor to be of full Chinese descent, or they may want a Jewish egg donor whose parents were both Jewish. These preferences can make it difficult to find the right donor. Considering egg donors who have mixed ethnicities but perhaps the physical and intellectual traits you desire can help expand your options.

Remember, Growing Generations is committed to helping you create the family you’ve always dreamed of, and we understand how important your egg donor is to you. We have experts who can answer your questions and help you navigate this amazing experience. Contact us, we’re here for you.