Egg Donor Screening Process

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Growing Generations is proud to have an egg donor program that helps to grow and build families. While many women apply to be an egg donor, statistically fewer than 1% of those who apply will make it through our screening process and go on to become egg donors.

The selective nature of our program has the best interests of everyone at heart to create positive experiences for the egg donor and intended parents. The process from application to your egg donor profile being made available to intended parents can take about one to two months. We know this can seem overwhelming for potential egg donors, so you will have an admissions specialist with you every step of the way.

You will first fill out a simple online questionnaire. This form allows us to screen for various preliminary qualifications including questions we are required to ask you by the FDA. You’ll want to be honest in answering these questions, and if you are selected by intended parents and complete medical screening, you will be screened for tobacco and drug use as part of the egg donation cycle. In general, we adhere to the same basic selection criteria as many other reputable agencies. These criteria include:

  • Must be 21-29 years old
  • BMI lower than 27.5
  • No history of inherited cancers in the family
  • No serious heart disease or heart attacks under the age of 55
  • No recent occurrence of a sexually transmitted disease
  • No history of illegal drug use
  • No tobacco use
  • No psychiatric hospitalizations
  • High school diploma

Egg Donor Screening: What to Expect?

If your prequalification form is approved, we will reach out to you to schedule a video consultation with one of our admissions specialists. The specialist will talk with you about what we need from you to create your egg donor profile, what is involved when being an egg donor, and what will be expected of you during the process. You will complete a simple blood test to check your fertility levels prior to your profile being made available to intended parents.

Once your egg donor profile is complete, it will be made available on our egg donor database for intended parents to review. You may be selected the same day, it may take weeks, or it may take months. After you have been selected by intended parents you will complete psychological and medical screening and complete a legal consultation. You will also be assigned a case specialist who will guide you throughout your egg donation cycle.

Prior to beginning your egg donation cycle, you will need to meet with one of our mental health specialists who will evaluate your psychological understanding of egg donation, and you will be asked to take a computer-generated personality assessment. A medical screening will also take place where you will complete blood tests and have an ultrasound. The purpose of these tests is to look for anything unusual and make the best medical plan for you. It will take about two weeks to receive your medical screening results. While waiting for your results, you’ll complete your legal contracts with the intended parents which can take four to six weeks to complete.

What’s Next?

If you’ve made it through the screening process and signed your legal contract, you will be issued an egg donation cycle calendar. The cycle calendar includes information on taking your fertility medications, which increase the number of eggs that will be released at the time of the retrieval, and the estimated date the egg retrieval will take place.  

If you have specific questions about the selection process, you are welcome to reach out to an admissions specialist at any time.