Surrogate Match Guarantee Program

Growing Generations accepts less than 2% of surrogate candidates.

What is the Match Guarantee Program?

In the surrogacy process, trust is essential, and it can only be earned. At Growing Generations, one way we earn the confidence of our clients is by promising that your surrogate will pass screening, or we’ll provide up to $5,000 to help you cover screening costs—it’s our Match Guarantee.

Each year thousands of women apply to become surrogates. After an extensive screening process, a small percentage go on to become surrogates with Growing Generations.

If you are matched with a surrogate that does not pass medical screening, not only will we cover up to $5,000 of the surrogate’s screening expenses, we’ll also provide you with another surrogate match free of any additional agency fees.

Over 98% of Growing Generations clients choose to work with the first surrogate they meet. We accomplish this through the use of a highly personalized process that pairs intended parents and surrogates based on preferences, expectations, and personalities. We never want to force a match, and our commitment to intended parents goes beyond them having children. We want to deliver an experience that you will treasure forever.

98% of Growing Generations clients accept their first surrogate match.

What makes Growing Generations’ surrogate admissions process so special is our commitment to safety and quality. Here is a look at what each gestational surrogate candidate goes through to be matched with intended parents.

  • Application-Each surrogate must complete an in-depth application about her medical history, family life, employment, support system, and motivation for being a surrogate.
  • Video Consult-Every surrogate has a video consult with our surrogate support staff. This consult is an educational opportunity for the surrogate and digs deeper into the application to help us assess the candidate’s ability to complete the surrogacy process.
  • Criminal History Check-Each surrogate and her partner/spouse (if applicable) will undergo a criminal history background screening check.
  • Pregnancy Records Review and Approval-Surrogate’s are required to submit their past pregnancy records. The records are then reviewed by a licensed maternal fetal medicine specialist, your IVF physician, and insurance underwriters.
  • Financial Review-Our team will review the surrogate’s income details to help ensure she is financially able to support herself and her family through this process.
  • Psychological Screening-Each surrogate and her partner/spouse (if applicable) will undergo psychological screening to help ensure that surrogacy is a good fit for the surrogate and her family.