Single Parent Surrogacy


The desire to create a family can call out to anyone, whether they have a spouse or intend to be a single parent. Surrogacy is a great family creation option for single prospective parents.

Surrogacy offers the ability to be pass along your own genetics and be involved in your child’s life from the first moment of conception. Surrogacy allows you to be as involved in the pregnancy and delivery as you would like.

Surrogacy Process

Moving through the surrogacy process with Growing Generations as a single intended parent is virtually the same process as with a partner. You will create a profile for potential surrogates, select an egg donor if needed, progress through screening and surrogate matching, achieve pregnancy through IVF, and be involved in your pregnancy and the birth of your child.

Single Parent Surrogacy Laws

Surrogacy laws in the United States are about the same for single parents as they are for couples. Regulations do vary from state to state, and many states have favorable laws for single intended parents. Growing Generations can not only help you navigate the legal issues surrounding surrogacy but will match you with the ideal surrogate who lives in a state where you’ll be able to establish your parental rights.

In Conclusion

Single or coupled, the decision to become a parent through surrogacy is always a complex, emotional one with many considerations.

Having a child through surrogacy means you can achieve your dream of having a child with a partner or not. It allows single intended parents to have a biological connection with their child, build meaningful relationships with their surrogate, and to be involved with their child from embryo creation to pregnancy to birth.

If you have any questions about single-parent surrogacy, Growing Generations has experts available to speak with you, so please contact us for more information.