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Often surrogates are curious which doctor they’ll be paired with for their journey. Ultimately, the doctor that you will work with is chosen long before you receive the profile of the intended parents that you will be helping.

When intended parents retain Growing Generations for surrogacy, they will have the option to either continue working with one of their own private practice IVF physicians or to select one of our partner doctors.

Many couples do not have pre-established relationships with doctors when they retain us and select one of our partner doctors. Growing Generations is very proud to work with doctors who we believe to be some of the best IVF physicians in the United States. Many of these doctors are industry leaders boasting some of the best success rates in their fields.

These doctors include:

Occasionally we will encounter intended mothers who have tried to attain pregnancy on their own, before turning to surrogacy, and have developed a trusting relationship with her personal IVF doctor. In these cases we will allow them to continue working with their own IVF doctor.

In many cases, the doctor that you meet with during your medical screening process will be the one that you wind up working with during your medical cycle and embryo transfer. However, sometimes your doctor will change depending on the doctor your intended parents have previously chosen. This is a normal part of the process and not a cause for concern.

Know that whichever doctor you’re working with, it’s one that Growing Generations has great faith in. You should always feel comfortable and informed when it comes to your health and the doctor that you’re working with. Each doctor has their own staff of third party reproduction nurses who will be in regular communication with you during your medical phase. You should always feel comfortable reaching out to your nurse with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Revised 5/15/18

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