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Growing Generations’ process for screening their surrogates is renowned because we are committed to thoroughly screening potential surrogates while matching them with intended parents. The first part of the screening process deals with the online application. Next comes a consultation with a member of our admission team.

Surrogate Consultation

The consultation is an hour-long conversation between you and an admissions specialist with Growing Generations. The purpose of this phone call is to continue to educate you about the overall process and make sure that it is right for you.

During the consultation, a summary of the entire process is given, from application to birth. We will talk about the benefits of surrogacy, as well as potential sacrifices you will need to make during your journey. There is also plenty of time during the phone call for you to ask questions.

Important Documentation

After the consultation is complete, you’ll move on to the paperwork phase. We will need a copy of your driver’s license and social security card. If you have a partner or spouse, you will need to send in copies of their ID and social security card as well. This information is needed to complete the criminal background check. Additionally, you will also need to obtain your past pregnancy/delivery records for the doctor to review. We will also review your insurance options with you. All of the paperwork items that need to be signed can be done online. This phase of your application process tends to be the most time intensive, and will move at your speed. Surrogates who are able to promptly compile and complete their paperwork period will move through the process much more quickly.

Medical Screening and Clearance

Once all of your paperwork is in order, you will begin preparing for your in-person screening. Growing Generations incurs the cost of your travel, transportation, food, and childcare costs for this visit. Most of our surrogates can expect to receive an intended parent profile sometime in the period between scheduling their in-person screening and being issued final medical clearance.

At the time of your medical screening, you will complete a blood test and have a pelvic exam. This is to ensure that the doctor feels you’re a suitable candidate for IVF, and that your blood is free from disease, nicotine, and the presence of drugs. Your partner or spouse will also need to complete a blood test.

At the end of your doctor visit, you are sent back to the airport to head home. Sometime in roughly the next two weeks, all of your medical tests results come back. Generally speaking, if they all look good, you will be issued final clearance. When that happens, if you've already accepted a profile and completed a match meeting, we will consider you formally matched! If you have not completed your match meeting yet, this will become your next step. Once you're officially matched, things really start moving as you prepare your body for an embryo transfer!

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