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Your surrogacy journey will begin with an in-depth screening process. Growing Generations is committed to thoroughly screening potential surrogate mothers, and we're proud of the process we have developed. Although richly rewarding, surrogacy should not be entered into lightly.


The first step is to fill out our online surrogate application. Your replies will be used to help us determine if you meet the minimum qualifications to be a Growing Generations surrogate. We consider a number of specific criteria, including age, state of residence, height, and body mass index. Other determining factors include tobacco use, U.S. citizenship, green card, or visa status and if you or your partner have been convicted of a felony. We ask other questions to gather information about gastric surgery for weight loss, diabetes, and other pregnancy-related diagnoses you may have had in the past.


If you meet our minimum requirements, you will progress to several follow-up questions. These questions are asked to uncover your current relationship status, preferences on the types of intended parents you’d be willing to work with, medical history, reproductive history/preferences, as well as personal and social history. You’ll also field questions about your psychological history. Finally, we’ll need to know about your travel and child care availability and health insurance.


Once this is submitted and the application is accepted, a Growing Generations’ admissions specialist will contact you within one business day. At that time you’ll be given access to an online portal to complete the final part of your online application. You’ll also be granted access to an online account with Growing Generations where you can read answers to our most frequently asked questions.

The second portion of the application will ask you more in-depth questions. Topics include birth control history, pregnancy, and birth history, your employment and insurance information, and personal health history.


Finally, after this leg of your application is approved, your Admissions Specialist will invite you to schedule a phone consultation. During this phone call, you’ll be able to ask questions and we’ll chat a bit about the process.

We will talk more about the phone consultation, as well as about the second half of your surrogate application process, in our next blog post, Surrogate Screening Process: Part 2.

Key takeaways from this article:

  • The surrogacy journey begins with a thorough screening process.

  • The initial application includes basic info, medical history, and lifestyle habits.

  • Criteria include age, BMI, citizenship status, felony convictions, and health diagnoses.

  • If minimum requirements are met, follow-up questions focus on personal history, preferences, and availability.

  • After acceptance, an admissions specialist will contact the applicant within a business day.

  • Access to an online portal is granted to complete the final application parts.

  • The next part of the application asks about birth control, employment, and health history.

  • Post-approval, an admissions specialist schedules a phone consultation for further queries.

To get started on your own surrogacy journey, contact us online or call us at 323.965.7500.

Updated 2/29/24

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