Why an Egg Donor Registry Isn’t Needed

The FDA treats egg donation similarly to organ donation. In this way, many find it surprising that there exists no... Read more

Cutting Edge IVF Procedures for Egg Donors

Medical science continues to evolve and discover ever more effective ways to increase the odds of becoming pregnant through InVitro... Read more

Why Is the Age of an Egg Donor So Important

When sorting through the database of potential egg donors, it’s not hard to notice that there is one thing that... Read more

Accepting A Donor Egg

Some women come to Growing Generations with one simple need: a viable egg. Many women are capable of getting pregnant... Read more

Should You Consider Using Mosaic Embryos?

The term “mosaic” is assigned to an embryo that is found to have both normal and abnormal cells during PGS... Read more

What Are Mosaic Embryos?

As science continues to advance and doctors learn more about embryos and IVF technology, we continue to see new terminology... Read more

How Are Your Embryos Frozen?

The goal of your egg retrieval is to create as many viable embryos as possible. The reality is that, even... Read more

PGD & PGS: What Are They?

During your initial consultations you will be asked to consider and decide on any potential tests you’d like to have... Read more

Will Your Donor Develop Attachment?

Choosing to use an egg donor to help create your family is a choice that can come with a lot... Read more

An Egg Donor’s Medical Cycle

The medical cycle for an egg donor or intended mother (IM) serves two purposes: it stimulates the body to create... Read more

Promising Research for Older Donors

Some intended mothers in our surrogacy program have the choice between acting as an egg donor herself, or to choose... Read more

What is Embryo Donation?

Most couples arriving at surrogacy expect to conceive a child with a biological relation to them by the close of... Read more

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