Egg Donation FAQ for Intended Parents

For a variety of reasons, you may need the assistance of an egg donor to help you or your surrogate conceive. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about egg donation.

How do I select an egg donor?

You can sign up with an agency or fertility clinic that will usually have an online database where you can browse donor profiles.

What happens once I select an egg donor?

The agency will call the donor to confirm her availability and ask her if she has any blackout dates during which she cannot go in for in-person appointments. The agency will then send you the necessary paperwork and funding request to confirm the match.

What is outside monitoring?

When an egg donor does not live in the area where your IVF doctor is located, she will need outside monitoring. Outside monitoring usually consists of ultrasounds and lab work which the donor can have done near her home instead of traveling to your IVF clinic for every appointment.

Is the egg donor open to meeting the intended parent?

In most egg donor programs, the donor is considered unknown. If you are interested in meeting a donor you should contact the agency, and they will talk with the donor to discuss the possibility of facilitating a meeting.

If I am interested in a previous donor, will her previous cycle results be disclosed?

Most agencies will disclose information regarding a previous donor’s cycle and can provide your IVF clinic with her previous donation records.

 Are egg donors willing to travel?

Some donors are willing to travel but not all. Most agencies ask this of egg donors during their application process. You will be able to see the answer to this question within the donor’s profile. If the donor you select needs to travel to your clinic, the agency will call her to confirm the future travel arrangements upon selection.