Egg Donor Requirements

When applying to become an egg donor with Growing Generations,  your first step is to answer  questions regarding your family and personal health history. All potential egg donors will go through a thorough selection process during which time you will be interviewed by one of our specialists who will address your questions and concerns. We have a number of specific requirements for becoming an egg donor.

Health Requirements

  • Between the ages of 21-29 years old
  • Have a body mass index below 27.5
  • At least 5 feet tall
  • Have both ovaries
  • Have regular menstrual periods
  • Free of genetic disorder diagnosis.
  • General clean bill of health

Lifestyle Requirements

  • Do not use tobacco
  • No history of substance abuse

Family History Requirements

  • Able to obtain up to date family history and health status
  • No history of multigenerational familial diagnoses such as inheritable cancer, heart disease before age 55, various genetic disorders, etc.

Other Requirements

  • Some education beyond high school or success in chosen career path
  • Willingness to complete medical and psychological screening
  • Willingness to use injectable medications
  • Flexible schedule for appointments and traveling as needed

While we accept less than 1% of egg donor applicants, please know and understand that our selection process is extensive for a purpose. We screen our donors and take health and mental well-being into consideration to be sure donation is in YOUR best interest. This thorough screening also ensures that you have a high likelihood of being selected by intended parents.

Our online application will determine if you meet the initial requirements to be an egg donor. If you do, then you will be asked to schedule a video consultation with one of our specialists to go over the donation process, expectations, and next steps.

If you have questions about being an egg donor, check out our FAQ page.

Kim Bergman, PhD, a licensed psychologist of 26 years, has specialized in the area of gay and lesbian parenting, parenting by choice and third party assisted reproduction for over two decades. Dr. Bergman has created a comprehensive psychological screening, support and monitoring process for intended parents, surrogates and donors. She is the co-owner of Growing Generations and is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the American Psychological Association, the Los Angeles County Psychological Association, the Lesbian and Gay Psychotherapy Association, and the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association. She is on the national Emeritus board of the Family Equality Council. Dr. Bergman writes, teaches and speaks extensively on parenting by choice. Along with co-authors, she published “Gay Men Who Become Fathers via Surrogacy: The Transition to Parenthood” (Journal of GLBT Family Studies, April 2010). Dr. Bergman’s is the author of the book, Your Future Family: The Essential Guide to Assisted Reproduction (Conari Press 2019) as well as the children's book You Began as a Wish (Independent Press 2019). Dr. Bergman created her own family using third party assisted reproduction and she lives with her wife of 35 years. She has two adult daughters.