How Many Times Can You Donate Eggs?

Frequency of Egg Donation

Many women choose to donate their eggs more than once because they have found the process a highly rewarding experience. Growing Generations has guidelines in place regarding the number of times and how often a woman can donate her eggs to help an individual or couple build or grow a family.

How Many Times Can You Donate Eggs?

Growing Generations allows women to donate their eggs up to six times in their lifetime, a guideline established by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Although there are no known negative medical side effects to giving eggs more than this, our policy protects egg donors from potential health risks. It also ensures that a large group of children conceived with the help of an egg donor are not all coming from one woman.

How Often Can You Donate Eggs?

We require that egg donors have two regular menstrual cycles in between donation cycles. Our team will gather medical records and doctor recommendation forms to make sure there are no medical concerns when you’re going through the process for a repeat time. For example, if a woman reacted negatively to hormone medications during her first experience, we would be cautious to proceed again.

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