Egg Donor Compensation

Egg Donor Benefits and Covered Expenses

It can be difficult to talk about money. So, let us make this easy.

What is the Egg Donor Compensation Fee?

  • All first-time Egg Donors are compensated $8,000
  • Repeat Egg Donors are compensated $10,000
  • We do offer Egg Donor Compensation above $10,000 if a donor has outstanding qualities that are difficult to find
  • You receive $750 of your total compensation upon start of injectable medications
  • You receive the balance after the completion of the egg retrieval procedure, regardless of the number of eggs that are retrieved

What Expenses and/or Benefits are Covered by Growing Generations’ Intended Parents?
As an Egg Donor, you are eligible for the following benefits:

Medical Expenses
All Egg Donor screenings, medications, and medical expenses are paid by intended parents, through which you may also gain valuable knowledge about your genetic, physical, and reproductive health.

Legal Fees
Egg Donors will be provided with an independent attorney for her legal contract with her Intended Parents.

Egg Donor Insurance
While complications are rare, we don’t take chances. All Egg Donors will be provided with an insurance policy to cover medical expenses for any complication that arises as a result of the Egg Donation Process.

Travel Expenses:

  • Airfare: Egg Donors who are required to fly will be provided with coach airfare for themselves and an authorized companion.
  • Ground Travel:
    – Egg Donors who drive more than 100 miles round trip will be reimbursed for a per mile rate to cover fuel.
    – Egg Donors who do not have a car and/or Egg Donors who are flown to another city will be provided with reasonable ground travel for required travel, including transfer to/from airport as well as to/from doctor appointments and procedures. Egg Donors will be given access to Growing Generations’ UBER account to make ground transportation a breeze.
  • Meals: Egg Donors who travel more than 200 miles round trip will be entitled to $75 to cover meals.
  • Parking: Reasonable and actual parking will be reimbursed to Egg Donors for medical appointments/procedures and airport stays.
  • Lodging: If an Egg Donor must travel away from home (i.e. outside of reasonable driving distance) and stay overnight, reasonable hotel accommodations will be made for the Egg Donor near to the facility where the screening and/or procedure is to occur.
  • Companion: We want our Egg Donors to feel safe and comfortable. Egg Donors will choose a companion to accompany her from the egg retrieval back home or back to her hotel. If the Egg Donor must fly for the egg retrieval procedure, her companion’s meals and airfare will be paid for. The companion will share a hotel room with the Donor and will share ground transportation whenever possible.

Download a PDF of a Sample Donor Benefit Package