Why Women Choose Surrogacy

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Glass Medicine Vials and Syringe

What is an Endometrial Receptivity Analysis Cycle (ERA)?

At Growing Generations, we do our best to stay up-to-date on IVF innovations that can increase pregnancy success. An Endometrial... Read more

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Future Contact Between Donors and Families

Choosing an egg donor is an exciting and important decision. Intended parents consider many attributes before coming to a final... Read more

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A Discussion About Fertility Preservation for Pediatric Cancer Survivors

September was Pediatric Cancer Awareness month, a cause that resonates personally with many Growing Generations team members and clients. As... Read more

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Surrogacy and Breastmilk

Choosing how to feed your newborn is an important decision for every parent. Whether you hope to provide breastmilk for... Read more

What Pride Means To You: A Family Full of Love...

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What Pride Means to You: Helping Others Form the Family...

Though we serve families of all kinds, Growing Generations was born of a desire to help LGBTQ+ parents who were... Read more

Surrogate Sueann at her embryo transfer with Dr. Kolb

Embracing the Unexpected: Sueann’s Surrogacy Story

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FaceTime and Twinning: Trisha’s Surrogacy Story

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Pregnancy, Pokémon, and a Pandemic: Kati’s Surrogacy Story

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Announcing Growing Generations’ Partnership with Mitera

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Mitera, a group of maternal-fetal subspecialists, whose services are now part... Read more

Surrogate Pregnancy and COVID-19

How does COVID-19 Impact Surrogate Pregnancy? COVID-19 has impacted the world and our lives in ways we never imagined. As... Read more